Outsourcing and legal consultancy

This constitutes the integral management of all of the client´s legal necessities, making a particular emphasis in the prevention of contingencies, taking charge of the representation before the judicial and administrative authorities, as well as managing its portfolio collection, reviewing all contractual activity, assisting in negotiation with the government and third parties, implementing a system of risk control on its commercial and professional activities.

Through this product, combined with all of our areas of practice and integrating the professionals of Martínez y de Labra, S.C. to the service of our client, we offer a personalize attention through a single contact, responsible of managing our human resources on behalf of our client, in order to create a bona fide legal department, managing all of their legal issues, with the advantage of having a team of specialized attorneys at their disposal, without the inconvenience of the high cost implied on retaining the counsels as salaried employees of the company.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Our team of litigation lawyers specializes on highly difficult matters, applying such practice on civil and commercial areas.

We have all the necessary human and technical resources needed to obtain optimal results in litigations, in which we support the interests of our clients.

Throughout the professional trajectory of our litigation team, they have intervened and solved multiple disputes of significant amount and complexity, thus obtaining satisfactory results in all of them; therefore, our litigation area is one of the strongest and more consolidated of our firm.

Criminal Litigation and Risk Management

We have a criminal team specialized in observing, complying and resolving all the criminal needs of companies, with special focus on the employee-trust area, and any kind of problems arising from corporate fraud and detecting risk operations.

In addition, we have experience in the integration of preliminary inquiries, acting as an assistant to the authority and representing them in criminal proceedings before criminal courts in the federal and local courts.

Debt Management (Judicial/Extrajudicial collection)

Martínez y de Labra, S.C., manages and audits debts and receivable accounts to collect, and develop protocols for internal controls and risk diagnoses to the previously mentioned. Likewise, we execute judicial and extrajudicial collection efforts, since Martínez y de Labra, S.C., has a specialized area in judicial and extrajudicial debt collection.

In Martínez y de Labra, S.C., we have managed a variety of clients debt collections, whom are: Administración de Carteras Nacionales II, S. de R.L. de C.V., Recuperacion de Activos y Capitales, S. de R.L. de C.V., Link International de México, S.C., Administración de Carteras Empresariales S. de R.L. de C.V., Actifmex, S. de R.L. de C.V., Firstcity México, S.A. de C.V., Zwirn/Latam Partners De México, S.A. de C.V.

Part of the services that Martínez y de Labra, S.C., offers are prevention and advice in credit matters, that are granted by companies, seeking at all times to reduce the possible contingencies of our clients.

Administrative Law

Our firm has specialized lawyers in administrative matters, as in the management of the same before authorities and as litigation before the Federal Administrative Justice Court, as well as in the State Administrative Courts, and actions for constitutional relief (direct and indirect amparo proceedings) in administrative matters.

Lobbying and Managing Government Relations

Martínez y de Labra, S.C., has extensive experience in lobbying and managing government relations, being fully qualified to successfully manage the relationships of any public or private body with instances at all three branches of government.

Our intervention involves advising our clients on specific projects, providing them with strategic information for decision-making and creation of relations, and also the suggested policies for achieving their goals.

We have the service of lobbying and promotion areas of interest, advising both public and private agencies in the creation of specific themes speeches and public policies.

Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (Compliance).

We have certified personnel with the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) for the Prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing, with the purpose of advice our clients in the prevention and identification of operations that may be exposed to risks related to money laundering or other illegal acts.

We also, have certified experts to coordinate and actively intervene in the implementation of compliance systems, under the highest national and international standards, as well as to take appropriate measures against possible violations or violations that are detected in the company, and jointly collaborate with each of the areas involved, generating a substantial improvement in corporate, ethical and anti-corruption practices, in addition to greater preparation to meet policies and legal systems that directly connect our client to enforceable obligations in any of the areas that includes the compliance system, including the relationship with clients and suppliers and the Prevention of money laundering through the implementation of compliance policies, which also include the adoption of risk-finding filters related to money laundering and terrorist financing.

Corporate and finance law

We have a specialized team in customer service with corporate needs, offering legal counsel and contract formulation, and also the participation of professionals from our firm in the process of negotiating such contracts with public and private entities.

Likewise, we prepare data rooms, due diligence or multidisciplinary legal audits in order to be fully aware the level of existing contingency in a company, either for the purpose of a sale of such company or by the elaboration of an internal risk control.

We are able to advise our clients on mergers and corporate acquisitions processes, with the participation of national and international companies, and also, in the negotiation of joint ventures with foreign participation, and the formulation of strategic collaboration agreements between public and private companies.

Intellectual Property

We have in our team professionals that are specialized in the field of Industrial and Intellectual Property with the ability to management the legal needs of our clients and the protection of trademarks and patents before the Mexican Institute of Industrial property (Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial, IMPI).

We are qualified to register trademarks and initiate proceeding for annulment of trademark registrations, and also, to defend the patrimonial interests of our clients in such matters.

Real Estate Law

We also have professionals specialized in advising and managing matters related to real estate, which allows us to offer a complete service to any individual or corporation who performs in the field of development and administration of real estate projects, including the process of tax and financial planning of the project, the obtaining of required permits or authorizations by administrative authorities, and also with the analysis and study of the necessary agreements for the lease of the property, and the investigation of potential tenants and management the risk at the time of leasing the property.

International Law

One of the areas where we offer an important plus as a consulting firm is in reference with international and migration law issues, for that matter we are able to offer complete advice to foreign clients or with interests abroad, with a wide knowledge of international law, Incoterms, LexMercatoria internacional and international arbitration.

Likewise, we are qualified provide advice on foreign investment projects in our country, both in private and public investment, with bilingual consultants with full experience in foreign investment and international double taxation treaties or agreements.

We also provide advice on obtaining migratory status and the implementation of procedures before the National Institute of migration.

Labor Law

We have lawyers specialized in labor risks prevention in Human Resources and Personnel Management, Litigation in the Federal and local mediation and arbitration board, as well as in the Labor Secretariat in training, hygiene and occupational risks matters, and general working conditions. In addition, our professionals formulate labor risk audits and proposed a comprehensive solution.

Tax Law

We specialize in federal and local tax matters, covering tax planning and consulting, financial operations, fiscal stimulus, risk tax diagnosis in fiscal audits, consultancy, review and mediation, evaluation, determination and background verification generate by the reviews.

In addition, we represent our clients in federal and local administrative contentious disputes in tax matters that arrange before the Federal Administrative Justice Court, and the Administrative courts of the Federal Entities, as well as in the amparo proceedings before organs of the Federal Judicial Branch. Procedures that include both the formulation of claims against acts by the tax authorities, and amparo proceedings against acts by authority and laws that violate fundamental rights.

Financial solutions and advice in obtaining financing

Martínez y de Labra, S.C., offers services of counseling in the field of procurement and renegotiation of public and private debt, as result of the experience by advising our clients in the processes of qualification and integration of files for the obtaining of lines of credit and, if applicable, for the restructuring of nonperforming loans portfolio or for the renewal of lines of credit.

We also have collaboration agreements with various financial institutions that allow us to obtain funding lines for specific projects, as well as advise the municipalities and state governments in the restructuring and renegotiation of their debt.

We also have options for obtaining factoring and financing risk funds, based on projects, assisting our clients in formulating the necessary requirements for obtaining them.

Special projects and Strategic Planning

Our work plan allows us to create multidisciplinary projects in order to develop a strategic planning that lets us obtain specific results related to a particular project of our clients.

We can develop interdisciplinary strategies aimed to achieve a specific objective for one of our clients, alternating our areas of legal, fiscal, finance and governmental practice.

Projects of Infrastructure (electricity, hydrocarbons, among others), Public Works and related Services, Acquisitions, Leases and Public Sector Services.

Extensive legal practice in energy and infrastructure, in the electricity and hydrocarbon sectors, providing comprehensive and specialized advisory services and as external consultants in national and international tenders for the contracting the aforementioned projects, analysis of concession agreements (hydrocarbons and electricity), and the representation of specialized companies in the field, for the resolution of disputes in the execution and development of their projects.

It consist in the comprehensive advice and management in the field of procurement of public works, and the services related to the same, issuing legal solution to the problems or setbacks that may arise from the contracting procedures (public tender, invitation or direct award) until the execution of the same and through the conclusion of the contract, as an instrument that links the entities or agencies and the contractor.

During the execution of the public works or related services, we advise and carry out the necessary phases for the estimate payments, adjustment cost, reprogramming and modifications of the contract, treatment with the residence and supervision construction, among others. In case of default in the estimate payments and adjustments costs, we assist in the procedure and obtaining, by going either to an administrative or jurisdictional instance.

We also intervene and provide comprehensive advice on public works associated with infrastructure projects that require long – term investments and programmed amortization, as well as on public-private partnership projects that perform under any scheme to establish a contractual relationship between public and private sector entities.

In Martínez y de Labra, S.C., currently advise large construction companies and public and private infrastructure that execute public works with national impact.